My name’s Sarah and I’m “The Content Expert”.

I’ve been working in the field of online content in one form or another for well over a decade. Working with all sizes of organisations, from sole traders up to big multi-nationals, and across all sectors (private, public and third).

“I was tired and frustrated of watching business owners being misled or over-charged”

I was tired and frustrated of watching business owners being misled or over-charged by unscrupulous companies when they signed up to their content services. Many of them ending up with services that weren’t what they needed or weren’t to the standard they should have been. I decided to try and make a difference, and set up The Content Expert to try and re-balance things.

Why The Content Expert?

Despite the name of this site, I don’t claim to be an ‘expert’. I don’t think anyone can ever claim that they know everything about anything. However, I do know an awful lot about online content and have a great deal of experience in the field, as does each member of the professional team that works with me.

I realise you’ll no doubt have met several people selling you their services or telling you that they can do all the same things that I can. I’ve gone a step further than many of them and had my skills and experience independently verified by numerous professional organisations and bodies, as shown by the logos below, giving you the reassurance and peace of mind that you quite rightly deserve.