E-newsletters can be a great way of communicating with your existing customers, as well as attracting new leads and communicating with potential new customers, encouraging more sales. Many businesses still send out traditional emails or PDF attachments though, meaning they’re missing out on collecting valuable information about their contacts.


Have you considered letting a professional company manage your e-Newsletters?

At The Content Expert our preferred software of choice is MailChimp (although we can, and do, work with others). We find it’s a great piece of software when it comes to sending out professional looking, high quality and on-brand emails to your contacts, giving your business that oh so important upper hand.

What will we do?

We’ll find out what you’re already doing to communicate with potential and existing customers by email. We’ll then see whether we can make it work even harder for you, before getting our hands dirty and helping out: maybe by writing content or simply by putting your content into MailChimp ready to be sent out by a member of your team.

If you’re not doing anything yet then don’t worry, we can step in and help set up an e-newsletter for you that won’t be a burden on your business, but will help people to know what’s going on and what you offer. We can even help write items for it too, if you’d like us to.

Why ask us to help?

Whether you’re looking for complete support, where you’d like a professional company to come and manage the entire process for you, or would just like help with bits and pieces of the process, we’re flexible enough to be able to help.