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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Like many other business owners, you may be quick to jump into the world of Google AdWords and PPC (pay per click) advertising. This isn’t always the best option for your business though.

Have you considered your organic (natural) search engine rankings?

Before you rush in and spend lots of money on Google AdWords or PPC campaigns, have you considered how well your website could be doing for you naturally?

A lot can be achieved without needing to look at Google AdWords and PPC campaigns. At The Content Expert we offer on-site search engine optimisation (SEO), which looks at optimising your website to help you to maximise your organic (natural) search engine results positions.

What will we do?

When we first start working with you we’ll carry out a thorough audit of your website, and those of your agreed competitors, so we have a very clear benchmark of where things are before we start. This helps us to see where we need to make improvements, and which keywords and search terms might bring you the best results. We’ll then set about making the changes to your website to make that happen.

We promise that the techniques that we use are ethical, ‘white hat’ techniques, which means that they’re best practice and won’t result in you being black-listed by Google.

How will you know we’ve done it?

We understand that you quite rightly want to see what your money’s buying; it’s all to easy for SEO to be a dark art of mystery, with companies telling you they’ve done things, but without you seeing what they’ve done. We’re not like that.

We’ll provide you with regular reports (based on the original audit that we carried out) that are easy to read and that won’t blind you with unnecessary technical jargon, so that you can see how things are going at all times.

An increase in the number of visitors to your website and the number of potential customers getting in touch will also be clear signs that what we’re doing is working.