5 things you didn’t know about MailChimp

Many of us send e-newsletters out to people at different times – we may do it to promote new services or as part of marketing campaign to encourage customers to buy more services or products from us, or to try a different product or service. Maybe we just do it to keep in touch and remind customers that we’re here, ready to support them. Some people use their email to do that, others use pieces of software (email marketing services) that are specially designed to do the job, such as MailChimp.

You may in fact already be using MailChimp to design and send out e-newsletters and messages to people you know, but do you know about all the hints and tips below?

1. You can split your lists into segments for targeted marketing

Segments are a way of splitting contact lists into smaller sections (or segments). So, for example a car dealership may have a list of customers. To make sure that they can send relevant emails to each customer they may split the list into segments. Those segments may be: red cars, blue cars, green cars… or the segments may be: Ford, Audi, Peugeot. This allows them to send their emails to the entire list, or to a specific segment or segments. This helps them to provide a very tailored and personal experience to everyone on their list, helping their potential customers to feel like they care.

2. You can target your MailChimp subscribers on Facebook

Did you know that you can take your MailChimp list, upload it to Facebook and then run adverts on Facebook that target those same customers? That’s pretty nifty, and quite a time-saving tool. You can read more on the MailChimp blog.

3. You can connect your Google Analytics account to MailChimp

Connecting your Google Analytics account to MailChimp is very quick and simple. Once connected, setting the campaign tracking code allows you to give each newsletter a specific campaign title and follow-up in Google Analytics, allowing you to see how many people came to your website from each email. Simple.

4. You can create your own custom design template

Any user of MailChimp knows that the options in terms of templates are quite wide: you can have different look and feels, different layouts and so on. However, sometimes that’s just not enough. If that’s the case then it’s possible to ask someone with the right skills and knowledge to create a custom MailChimp template for you to use.

5. Click maps show which links readers have clicked on

Hidden away in the ‘Links’ option in the top menu of the campaign reports setting, under a tab called Click Map, is a nice little feature called ‘click maps’. This feature gives you an insight into how the links in your email campaign are performing and how the location of links impacts on how many clicks they get.

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