Are you ready for Google’s “Mobilegeddon”?

Today marks what some are calling Google’s Mobilegeddon, but with gimmicky names aside, what is it, who will it effect and what does it actually mean in reality?

What is “Mobilegeddon?”

In its simplest form, ‘Mobilegeddon’ is the name being used by some to describe the latest set of changes to Google’s algorithms (what it uses to decide where your website should rank when someone types in a search term). In this set of changes Google’s are explicitly aimed at favouring websites that are optimised for people visiting them on mobile phones… hence the name.

Who will it effect?

The latest updates are looking specifically at whether websites are mobile friendly. This is quite understandable. There’s nothing more frustrating than searching for something on a mobile phone only to find that the website that you’ve chosen from the list of results isn’t easy to read on your mobile – maybe it doesn’t fit the width, or the text is impossible to read. This leaves searches feeling frustrated.

Google wants all its customers (you, me and everyone else who uses Google to search for items) to have a great experience. To encourage this, the changes in its algorithms are going to encourage website owners to make sure that their websites are mobile -and tablet – friendly.

With an ever increasing number of searched being made on mobile phones, it’s a growing market and something that Google and website owners need to pay attention to.

What does it actually mean in reality?

Make no mistake, this is likely to be a big change. Whether it’s as big as the 2011 changes that led to significant changes in where websites ranked in Google’s search results still remains to be seen. However, what we can say right now is that:

  • Companies that don’t have a good mobile-friendly website will suffer as those with good mobile-friendly websites will rank higher in searches on mobile phones.
  • Google will include a label against search results on mobile phones, clearly showing which websites are mobile friendly.
  • This change will affect all websites,in all languages, worldwide.
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